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Raffaela Rondini

Raffaela Rondini was born in Rome in 1972. After graduating from the School of Interpreters and Translators in 1994, she received a degree in Political Science from the University of Rom La Sapienza in 2000.
She worked as an interpreter and as an English teacher.
She travels, reads and swims quite a lot.
While studying medicine at the University of Ferrara, she became a mother and found herself having to interrupt her studies numerous times. After having her third child, she decided to stop her studies definitively.
She has lived in Berlin since 2011 and tries to learn German by teaching Italian.
In 2016 Water was published, as the first book of Fragments of Berlin, also in German and Italian.
Texts from the other Fragments are in this blog to read for free, with the permission of the publisher L42.
At the moment she is working at her first novel.